One of my goals for the last year has been to add scenery to my illustrations. It’s been an interesting challenge but I’ve warmed up to this additional layer of my work and I’m learning a lot from the worlds created for my characters.

I’ve entered this piece in Susanna Leonard Hill’s Illustration Contest. The topic is discovery.


Evaluation Time


Deep in the throws of New Year reflection time, I’m evaluating the work I’ve done and am setting goals. My body of work is getting slashed to pieces. The decision making process went a little something like this:

Did I enjoy making this?
This applies to feeding my creative soul, ’cause if it’s not happy, no one’s happy.
Do I feel good about putting this into the world?
For me, this is about content.
Can I make more like this?
Is this sustainable for me to make again, and perhaps again.

After my first attempt of categorizing, some decent stuff was in the cut pile, but more importantly, some questionable work was hanging out in the keep pile. So I added a middle of the road category of work I will continue to consider, lovingly named, “I’m not sure this is going to work out…”

Why this exercise? Illustration is something I do that makes me happy and I’m going to try to my darnedest to keep it that way. And that means feeding my creative soul, making things I want to make, and feeling good about adding to the mass of stuff in the world.