When to Experiment?


I’ve been leaving my comfort zone in illustration lately and it’s messy. And often ugly. But it feels so good. I’ve liberated myself against the overwhelming pressure to be done enough to submit work and be publishable. That wasn’t easy since I feel I’m past my due date for needing more, better work.

So when do you experiment?
I say now. Always.

You can’t afford not to experiment.

We are taught to be afraid of change. Change of job titles, who we choose to spend time with, how we dress. Even if you think you don’t subscribe to those societal pressures, as adults we are supposed to be something. Once that something is known to others we get scared to do, act, or be anything different. But how many of us feel like we are in our final state of who we are?

So why do we let ourselves believe we can’t experiment? We don’t have time? Someone won’t understand what we are doing? What about the potential that lies on the other side of that experiment. The discovery. The possibility of change. There is excitement in the unknown.

I’ve rebuilt my portfolio countless times in my career for new labels. I have to learn what’s expected, figure out my own twist so I can challenge myself, and then keep working to make it better.

My growth as an artist, and a person, is constantly evolving. Anytime I’ve tried to convince myself otherwise is when clouds stick around, and feeling lost is inevitable.

When should you experiment?
Now. Right now. Always.

Let the world see your mess. And know you are capable of something other than what you are making or doing right now.

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4 thoughts on “When to Experiment?

  1. It’s great to see this written by someone so established. I’m just starting out and keep worrying that I should settle on a style or technique and stop experimenting so much, but this makes me think it’s not so bad to keep trying new things!

    1. It may take longer to find your voice Louise, but I’d rather feel connected to the work I am making than create a bunch of stuff that doesn’t feel like me. Thanks for reading and best of luck on your artistic journey!

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