If You Don’t Show It, They Won’t Know It

“If You Don’t Show It, They Won’t Know It.” I wrote that for myself based on a prompt from Marc Ecko’s Skillshare class. I didn’t finish the book, but I was a class quitter that walked away with my mnemonic device to forge ahead with illustration. This reminder encouraged me to set up a blog to share drawings that I would typically horde for myself. This blog got me drawing, it got me sharing, that made me make more. This process has been an exercise in not self-editing too much in the hopes of discovering what I am capable of, instead of what I think I am capable of.

This summer I discovered the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. Within a day of joining the organization I decided to go to my regional chapter’s conference. Within a week of signing up for the conference, I committed to have a portfolio review during the conference. I have achieved work ideation, iteration and production in fairly short order and in the process managed to launch annatotten.com.

This blog has done what it was supposed to do. It propelled me into a direction I thought was possible but hadn’t put the effort into. Things are changing around here. I know all my current followers tune in because they like my images, so the images will continue. I have so much work ahead of me but I am quite pleased with where I have come and need to mark a line in the sand to say I did this. I am considering myself accomplished.




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